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Vandaglas is the new name for Glassolutions B.V. we changed it as of June 18, 2021. With our new identity we present our ambitions and visions of the future. We aspire to become the best independent glass partner and to evolve into a serious player on the European market. Our mission: to strengthen your competitive position. Our knowledge of glass ánd the world of glass provides our long-term business partners with clear, independent glass advice and glass solutions created with premium products and services. Vandaglas decider: committed professionals who listen, observe, get involved and turn challenges into success stories. We commit our independence to your success.

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Glass is very versatile material. Vandaglas has a wealth of knowledge and experience which it commits to customized glass solutions that go beyond anything you might know. A committed team is ready to turn your order into a successful project. Whether it concerns light, warmth, coolness, tranquility, view, protection, design, sustainability or privacy: you can rely on vandaglas. We seamlessly integrate the positive influence of glass on everyday life into your project.
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vandaglas calculation tools and apps make your life easier where your glass choices are concerned. Our online platform offers a growing number of tools that provide insight in the glass efficiency that best fits your project. 250 skilled glass colleagues are at the ready to commit their knowledge to custom glass solutions. We believe in the power of our people. They will get you the best glass solution.
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The dynamics of construction are driven by airtight delivery schedules. Competitive positions, yours and ours, require excellent logistics. Vandaglas specializes in four market segments, to which our logistics services are perfectly tuned. Thus, we gain better insight into processes and keep the lines of communication short, allowing for quick responses to exceptional situations. Customer knowledge is the key to our reliable logistic services.
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As a partner of renowned architectural and building companies, premium window manufacturers and regional construction professionals Vandaglas has a great wealth of experience with complex glass issues, advanced logistics solutions and meeting the highest demands on glass suppliers.
Our entire product range has CE-markings. Our insulating glass products are ISSO-certified. And Vandaglas is a partner of the Dutch VKG-hallmark for vinyl window panels. Vandaglas professionals are always acquainted with the latest glass regulations and legislation. Carefree certainty, that is our drive when we guide you through your glass challenges.

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