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vandaglas doering | CurvePerform shop counters
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CurvePerform Deliz | Shop counters

Almost touchable tempting treats.

CurvePerform is curved annealed glass (floatglas). 

| standard forms 

CurvePerform Deliz

Spherical panorama ball corner, followed by planar front glass which is double-bent.

Photo: Ball corner counter in Luxembourg
Profiles: patent of the company Schweitzer Ladenbau
 vandaglas doering | CurvePerform shop counters
vandaglas doering | CurvedPerformzeichnung_b_c ball corner shop counter


  • lower radius = 2960 mm
  • upper radius =2515 mm
  • angle =11,9°
  • bottom floor length =614 mm


  • 1st radius = 500mm
  • 2nd radius = 800mm
  • 1st angle = 27,8°
  • 2nd angel = 37,0°
  • floor length = 675mm
vandaglas doering | CurvedPerform zeichnung_b_c2_e vertical view section plane - shop counter

vandaglas doering | CurvedPerform zeichnung_b_c3 polished sides shop counter

  • K1 = polished
  • K2 = seamed
  • K3 = polished
  • K4 = polished



vandaglas DÖRING | CurvePerform

Please contact us to learn about our customized possibilities. We are happy to assist you!

Due to the multitude of possible geometries and the different structural changes resulting from it, there are no generally approved superstructures with regard to sound insulation and safety as there are for planar glass.

As a rule the approved features of planar glass which was manufactured with the same process and consists of the same components are taken as basis.
The manufacturer points out that the curved unit has not been subject to inspection. In practice this is sufficient for constructors and approval agencies.


  • Elevator construction – fall safe glazing in the traffic area
  • Overhead glazing

In general it has to be expected that the resistance and safety features of curved glass are better than those of comparable planar glass. The resistance increases as the radius is smaller.


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