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CurvePerform DGU/TGU

Curved soft shapes, smooth bended lines and with an impeccable view.
In double- and triple glazing.

Impeccable quality | the Döring-brand stands for custom-made high quality curved glass products. Bending glass is a craftmanship in which the glass is being heated up to the melting point, curved according to the angle of the mold and slowly cooled down. This is a very accurate operation.
It is often the ‘burning’ of the low-e/solar control coating that causes or emphasizes a disfigurement in the transparency. The smaller the curving inner radius, the more difficult is the bending process as it increases the risk the coating will burn.

Disregarding the size of the panes or the inside radius, the Döring brand delivers curved glass products without any distortion of the view! Throughout their 90 years existence,  our Döring expert team has uniquely proven it truly masters the process of bending glass up to XL sizes on a uniquely high level.

Curved insulation glazing | insulating glass is available in cylindrical, conical and sphericle bending. This can may be composed of different glass types achieving various protecting qualifications in one and same unit together. Several notable characteristics can be reached and individually adapted to functional requirements, e.g.:

It is optimally selected according to the necessary technical defaults. The maximum producible dimensions depends on the requested glass shape as well as used glass types. At the moment we are able to achieve a Ug-value up to 1,0 W/m2K for double-glazed units in accordance with DIN EN 673. With a curved triple-glazed unit, even an Ug-value up to 0,5 W/m2K in accordance with DIN EN 673 is possible.**

The feasibility of curving the glass depends decisively on several factors, which are among themselves in dependence. These are the glass structure, type of glass, glass size, bending angle, radius and glass thickness.

**The technical data are non tested in curved glass.

| ThermControl for optimal comfort during colder seasons

Our ThermControl product family stands for the vandaglas range of low-e coatings for thermal insulation in either double glazing IsoPerform or triple glazing TriplePerform.
This insulating performance of the insulation glass unit is expressed in Ug (W/m2.K). The lower the Ug value, the better the heat insulation performance.

› Extra saving energy? Benefit from free solar heat for a comfortable interior.

For natural interior heating, in addition to optimal thermal insulation [Ug], you can also take advantage of the free incoming solar heat [g]: the higher the g value, the more solar heat the glass lets through.  Ideal for north- and east-facing facades. 

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| SolarControl for saving on cooling costs during sunny times

Decide for a low-e coating that comprises also blocks unwanted incoming sunheat. Ask for our SolarControl product family, being the range of low-e coatings with the additional sun heat blocking feature.

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| Additional glass features for enhanced comfort

To enhance your living comfort our curved insulation glazings can be expanded with one or multiple features :

  • Production with Super Spacer® TriSeal.
  • No-metal spacer system, which consists of flexible silicone foam.
  • Warm-edge-technology, thereby excellence features in thermal isolation
  • Double edge seal.
  • Glass superstructures are often subject to geometry.
  • Gas filling (Argon, Krypton) available at Döring.
  • Level insulation with UV-resistant edge seal.
  • The closer the radius, the smaller the format, the higher the load on the edge seal due to the flexural strength (less pumpable).
  • Spectrofotometric values (Ug, Light transmission, etc.) can only be mentioned according to values of comparable planar glass superstructures. Please contact us about CE Marking products.

Specific requirements to glazing rebate: see Technical Details.

vandaglas Döring produces insulating glass units in accordance with EN 1279.


vandaglas doering | Isoen - CurvedPerform IGU
  • cavity width: • 6, 8, 10, 12, 14, 16 or 18 mm
  • filled cavity : air, argon, krypton gas-filled

Remark: technical modifications and errors excepted.

| Technical details

The overview is just an indication of our possibilities We are happy to inform you about the extensive customized solutions we offer. Do not hesitate to contact our experts on curved glass.

vandaglas DÖRING | CurvePerform DGU-TGU

*Notice: limits of size, dimensions, possible glass thickness and bending angles are determined according to individual arrangement and thorough technical examination. Restrictions in the form of shape must be expected. Tolerances according guidelines for thermally-curved glass in the building industry from  Bundesverband Flachglas. (BF Bulletin 009/2011Revision index 1 - März 2017).

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