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vandaglas doering | CurvePerform shop counters
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CurvePerform Deliz | shop counters

Almost touchable tempting treats.

CurvePerform Safe is curved tempered (or toughened) safety glass that has undergone a special heat treatment process. This treatment provides a significantly increased resistance to mechanical and thermal stress than conventional annealed glass. If the glass breaks, it fragments safely into small pieces with dulled edges.

standard forms for shop counters

single curve 
vandaglas doering - CurvePerform Deliz shop counters form_1 single curve
  • ZB 01
  • ZB 02
  • ZB 03
  • ZB 04
double curve with straight section 
vandaglas doering - CurvePerform Deliz shop counters form_2 double curve with straight section
  • ZDB 01
double curve without straight section 
vandaglas doering - CurvePerform Deliz shop counters form_3 double curve without straight section
  • EDB 01
  • EDB 02
sneeze guard 
vandaglas doering - CurvePerform Deliz shop counters form_4 sneeze guard
  • HS 80
circle segment 
vandaglas doering - CurvePerform Deliz shop counters form_5 circle segment
  • GB 01
vandaglas bv | breukpatroon gehard veiligheidsglas SafePerforminnenraumvitrinevitrine

Spherical panorama ball corner, followed by planar front glass which is double-bent.

Photo: Ball corner counter in Luxembourg
Profiles: patent of the company Schweitzer Ladenbau
 vandaglas doering | CurvePerform shop counters


vandaglas doering | CurvedPerformzeichnung_b_c ball corner shop counter


  • lower radius = 2960 mm
  • upper radius =2515 mm
  • angle =11,9°
  • bottom floor length =614 mm


  • 1st radius = 500mm
  • 2nd radius = 800mm
  • 1st angle = 27,8°
  • 2nd angel = 37,0°
  • floor length = 675mm
vandaglas doering | CurvedPerform zeichnung_b_c2_e vertical view section plane - shop counter

vandaglas doering | CurvedPerform zeichnung_b_c3 polished sides shop counter

  • K1 = polished
  • K2 = seamed
  • K3 = polished
  • K4 = polished

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*Notice: limits of size, dimensions, possible glass thickness and bending angles are determined according to individual arrangement and thorough technical examination. Restrictions in the form of shape must be expected. Tolerances according guidelines for thermally-curved glass in the building industry from  Bundesverband Flachglas. (BF Bulletin 009/2011Revision index 1 - März 2017).

PDF icon 30x44- general overview technical information
PDF icon 30x44- customer form shape description
PDF icon 30x44- datasheet CurvePerform

1. glass in stock at Sekurit®:

VB 062/AEvandaglas doering | CurvedPerform vb_062 tempered glassVB 068/AEvandaglas doering | CurvedPerform vb_068 - tempered glass
VB 507/AEvandaglas doering | CurvedPerform vb_507 - tempered glassVB 3241/OBvandaglas doering | CurvedPerform vb_819 - tempered glass
VB 3242/OBvandaglas doering | CurvedPerform vb_3242 - tempered glassVB 1187/DLvandaglas doering | CurvedPerform vb_1187 - tempered glass
VB 1239/EHvandaglas doering | CurvedPerform vb_1239 - tempered glassVB 819/AMvandaglas doering | CurvedPerform vb_819 - tempered glass


| standard glass Sekurit®:

DC 24vandaglas doering | CurvedPerform DC24 - tempered glass

For further information please see:


2. Availability Sekurit ® Glass in stock at Döring:

| glass in stock: 

  • availability ex stock Berlin;
  • available in small quantities (even single glass);
  • ready for delivery at short term (within 24h).

| design glass:

  • glass according to customer's design;
  • development of the glass according to the customer's requirements (subject to technical feasibility);
  • mould costs at the customer's charge;
  • minimum purchase quantity: 100 pieces.

| standard glass:

  • commissioning via Döring Glas;
  • production of geometries and special widths on the basis of existing standard tools (see glass in stock).

| preconditions:

  • basic geometry complies with existing standard tool;
  • minimum purchase quantity = 25 pieces with identical data (for corner glass 15 pieces);
  • delivery period approx. 6 to 8 weeks.


Due to the multitude of possible geometries and the different structural changes resulting from it, there are no generally approved superstructures with regard to sound insulation and safety as there are for planar glass.

As a rule the approved features of planar glass which was manufactured with the same process and consists of the same components are taken as basis.
The manufacturer points out that the curved unit has not been subject to inspection. In practice this is sufficient for constructors and approval agencies.


  • Elevator construction – fall safe glazing in the traffic area
  • Overhead glazing

In general it has to be expected that the resistance and safety features of curved glass are better than those of comparable planar glass. The resistance increases as the radius is smaller.


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