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point-fixed monolithic glass

LITE-WALL MONO is the system for point-fixed, flush-surfaced glass connections of monolithic glass which can be either fully tempered (FT) or laminated safety glass (LAMI). Screen-printed, enameld or satinised glass is allowed.

LITE-WALL MONO is the first point-fixed glazing system with European technical Certification ETA-09/0143 and has a general building permit in Germany (permit Nr. Z-70.2-19).

Using countersunk point fixings in connection with sub-frames of steel or glass, it is possible to build filigree glass structures.

For the connection to the under construction there are a number of articulated fittings available such as the patented (DE 19839419) spider solutions.



  • safe design
  • reduced design periods
  • specific structural analyses
  • incorporated value engineering
  • defined requirements of the sub-structure

vdn Eckelt_LITE-WALL MONO dimensions

  • elevators
  • enclosure
  • spandrel
  • parapet
  • facade systems
  • handrails
  • glass louvres
  • acoustic walls
  • shop fronts
  • spy mirror
  • partitions
  • exterior cladding
  • interior cladding
  • foyer
  • winter gardens

LITE-WALL MONO is a point-fixed performance unit of glass and integrated fitting.

The system bolt connections are factory pre-mounted onto the thermally toughened glass under controlled conditions. The units can be installed vertically or to a maximum angle of 10° to the vertical. For barrier-loadings or designed-in structural stiffening of the sub-construction it may be necessary to apply for construction permission from local Building Authorities.

Successful testing has been carried out for laminated glass in barrier-loading conditions.

- Summary of Test Report Nr. soft-body impact TU Darmstadt
- Summary of Test Report Nr. soft-body impact TU Darmstadt german version


1 | Connection principle and fittings

› Fixed- and sliding support system

The newly developed vandaglas eckelt spider fittings fulfill the technical requirements of the fixed and moving support system. The patented inserts allow tolerances to be easily accommodated and ensure through correct use the performance of fixed, horizontal moving and general moving support connections.

› Locations of fixed- and moving supports

vandaglas | lite-wall mono - locations of fixed- and moving supportsvandaglas | lite-wall mono - locations of fixed- and moving supports A - horizontal sliding supportvandaglas | lite-wall mono - locations of fixed- and moving supports A - moving support


› Additional fittings

Technical information for applications is available as pdf files at the fitting range. DWG- and DXF-Files are only shown as drawings. For the files please click on one of the icons below.

vandaglas eckelt | lite-wall mono fittings - spider vandaglas eckelt | lite-wall mono fittings - angle vandaglas eckelt | lite-wall mono fittings - Series 500 vandaglas eckelt | lite-wall mono fittings - articulated connection vandaglas eckelt | lite-wall mono fittings - system fittings vandaglas eckelt | lite-wall mono fittings - fins and beams
series 5000
articulated connection
system fittings

Material data sheets are available on request.

Please note that structural certification of the connection fittings not the responsibility is of vandaglas ECKELT.

› Tools for LITE-WALL MONO

vandaglas eckelt | lite-wall tools


2 |  Recommended fixing locations (view from inside)

vandaglas ECKELT | LITE-WALL MONO distances drillingholes



3 |  Application technical notes

Permit for back-ventilated exterior wall cladding or vertical partition glazinglite-wall mono is the first point-fixed system which has been generally approved for construction in Germany by the German Institute for Building technology (DIBt) with permit number Z-70.2-19. For other European countries there is now a European technical certificate Nr. ETA-09/0143 available. The statutory regulations of each country must be accounted for in each application of LITE-WALL MONO.

4 | Glass dimensioning

Individual structural analyses have been determined for the applications as described in the permit. The number of point-fixings (4 or 6) and the type of fitting connection (fixed or articulated) are differentiated with independent tables. The tables are divided into glass dimensions and positive/negative design wind loads.

- Fitting locations of fixed and moving supports lite-wall mono
- General building Control Permit (Germany) Z-70.2-19 lite-wall mono (german version)
- Design notes joints and corner details, interfaces lite-wall mono
- Notes on operation and maintenance of lite-wall mono

1 | Marking

Lite-Wall Mono is marked as standard in accordance with the permit

- Standard marking and location lite-wall mono

2 | Certification

Harmonisation certification - Lite-Wall Mono fulfills the general construction permit in Germany Z-70.2-19 DIBt.

- Harmonisation Certificate lite-wall mono (german version)
- Harmonisation certification

A correct choice of glass type can fulfill the most challenging design requirements. Apart from the standard composition of the basic floatglass, the permit also allows the following glass types to be used for LITE-WALL MONO:

  • Laminated glass with coloured foils (PVB);
  • Screen printed glass;
  • Enamelled glass;
  • Matted/etched glass;
  • Mirrored glass;
  • Low-iron (extra clear) glass;
  • Anti-reflective glass.
vandaglas | eckelt - lite-wall monovandaglas ECKELT | LITE-WALL MONO FT/LAM
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