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Comfort | Maximum daylight

Natural daylight is healthy! It stimulates, activates, gputs one in a good mood and less stress.
The more daylight enters our living space, the better for our health!

How does it work?

Heat-insulating and solar heat-resistant glazing is provided with a special coating to achieve these properties. This coating sometimes consists of 7 to 8 invisible silver layers. This can have an impact on the amount of daylight [TL] that the glazing lets through.

The latest generation of HR glass has a low-e coating that has been specifically developed to respond to this health aspect: IsoPerform Eclaz One lets through as much daylight as possible with the best achievable thermal insulation value in double glazing Ug 1.0 W/m2.K.

| Selectivity TL/g

Solar heat-resistant glazing (a low-e coating that also has a solar heat-resistant property) comes in various types, each of which offers its own balance between the degree of heat protection and the amount of incoming daylight.

transmittance daylight

The ratio between daylight and sun protection is also referred to as ‘selectivity’. Above 2.0, this is exceptional glazing that lets in a lot of daylight and strongly keeps out the incoming solar heat.

Is a lot of natural daylight in the room important? Then choose insulating glass with a high TL value. Keep in mind that other performances such as thermal insulation [Ug] or solar heat protection [g] etc, can differ with the TL performance per coating type

vandaglas bv | IsoPerform met maximale daglichtdoorlating
vandaglas bv | maximaal daglicht