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The vandaglas group is an independent transformer and producer of high-quality insulating glass and glass for the interior, in all conceivable shapes and sizes. Unorthodox architectural glass constructions are a specialty of our company.

Our home markets are the Netherlands, Germany, Austria, Switzerland and England. Yet a selection of our glass specialties is available for architectural projects all over the world: curved glass up to big dimensions, XL glass solutions up to 8 x 3.3 m and various distinctive glass facade systems. All offered as single glass or as double- and triple insulation glazing, either provided with  a customized design pattern by screen printing, enamelling or digital printing.

We are bold enough to say our quality and expertise with regard to these products is of a high standard. Proudly proven with many international references.  

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curved transparancy to perfection

vandaglas DÖRING is the specialist brand of vandaglas for cylindrical , conical, polyaxial custom-made curved single glass, double- and triple insulating glass. Measuring up to 3.21 m × 6.00 m in the field of architectural glass and interior design.

Our quality is uniquely constant and sublime: bending glass is a craftmanship in which the glass is being heated up to the melting point, curved according to the angle of the mold and slowly cooled down. Mastering this bending process in a very accurate way is important to avoid distortions in the transparency of the glass. 

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more glass for greater ideas

Aesthetic design, seamless interaction, more daylight and unique panoramic views? vandaglas Eckelt is the specialist brand of vandaglas for glass products in XL format, setting new standards

XL glass fulfills the trend towards greater areas of glass in architecture and construction. With maximum dimensions of 8 x 3.3 m, the XL glass is some of the largest available in the world. XL glass builds on a combination of advanced technology and quality without compromise. 

For adding customized patterns and prints to our XL glass solutions the vandaglas Eckelt range offers inhouse facilities for personalisation by screen printing, enamelling or digital printing.

Our vandaglas Eckelt experts help you building an excellent impact !

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skilled for challenging glass engineering

Glass is a beautiful and versatile material for shaping the built environment. The constructive possibilities with glass are numerous. 

100 years of experience and glass engineering has brought vandaglas Eckelt skills in structural façade glazing to a high level of quality and reliability.

Discover our glass facade systems or explore unique new possibilities with us to make an iconic difference in the architectural landscape.