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Comfort | Soundproof

Acoustically laminated glass can block sound efficiently.

Superstructures with GLABIE laminated glass achieve good sound insulation even as monolithic fixtures

Example: laminated glass 8/2 = 37 dB

Superstructures with ProtectPerform Silence  (sound insulation interlayer PVB(A)) are also available.

No approved values for curved glass

| What is sound?

Noise describes sounds that are experienced as disturbing or harmful.  Our society is getting busier and noisier, 24/7.
New homes and offices are more often located in '(highly) noise-affected' areas.

Sound is transmitted by vibrations of molecules in a gas, liquid or solid. The number of vibrations per second determines the pitch (frequency) of the sound - the higher the number of vibrations, the higher the pitch of the sound. vandaglas bv | akoestisch gelaagd glas ProtectPerform Silence

| How is sound measured ?

Rw | stands for the noise reduction value. It indicates the extent to which the material can withstand/insulate sound, expressed as Rw in decibels. The higher the Rw value, the better the sound insulation.

Example: a material with Rw 40dB ensures that only 20dB of the outside noise with 60dB is audible inside.

The degree to which a material is sound-resistant is indicated in accordance with NEN-EN ISO 717-1 in the so-called single number designation Rw(C;Ctr).
The Rw indicates the “average” sound resistance (the midtones) while the C-correction corrects this value for “little low-frequency” sound. Finally, the Ctr correction determines the value of the “low-frequency” sound.
 vandaglas bv | geluidswering Rw-tabel

In IsoPerform or TriplePerform, the outer pane and/or the inner pane can be fitted with acoustic laminated safety glass: ProtectPerform Silence.

ProtectPerform Silence consists of two or more glass panels that are inextricably linked by one or more sound-absorbing polyvinyl butyral foils, PVB(A).

Depending on the composition (number of foils and glass panels and the glass thickness(es)) of the acoustic laminated glass, maximum protection can be provided against outside and inside noises, such as people and traffic, such as cars, scooters, trams, buses, trains, aircraft etc.

Soundproof glass also strongly dampens the sound of rain against the glass. Ideal for use in roof glazing and glass conservatories.

| Important to know

The type of gas in the cavity has hardly any influence on the sound insulation, in contrast to thicker glass. Insulating glass with an asymmetrical structure - the outer pane has a different glass thickness than the inner pane - keeps out more noise. Special acoustic laminated glass offers the best result.vandaglas bv | ProtectPerform Silence geluidswering met glas

A big misunderstanding is that triple glazing automatically reduces sound better due to the extra glass panel.

TriplePerform and sound insulation? Ask our advice to avoid disappointments

vandaglas bv | geluidswering dubbel vs triple glas

| Installation

Effective sound insulation is the result of optional combinations of the frame profile, the glass and the installation method. It is important to ensure a good sealing of the structure in which acoustic laminated glass is placed. This prevents sound leaks around the glass.

| Safety

A sound-insulating pane laminated with PVB(A) films offers the same protection against injury in the event of glass breakage as a pane laminated with ordinary PVBs. In insulating glass, this can be the outer pane or the inner pane. See also injury safety.

The source of the noise is decisive for the right choice of glass. A distinction is made between sources

  • with few low frequencies such as highway train traffic, near aircraft, living activities, voices [C dB], and
  • with many low frequencies such as city traffic, discotheque music, slow train traffic and airplanes at great distances [Ctr dB].

The best acoustically insulating glazing offers sound insulation in precisely those frequencies where the type of sound in question is the strongest.

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The product overview below is just a selection of our acoustically laminated exterior glazing.

Contact us to avoid wrong investments and disappointments. We are happy to help you make the right choice.

The acoustic insulation achieved by the glazing is expressed in the so-called “attenuation units” Rw and the corrections for few (C dB) and many (Ctr dB) low frequencies.

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